Simply Clever UI

User interface for Skoda


My task with UI was to focus on assistants in our cars and their
introduction to the broader public and elevating general
knowledge about these features.

Cars need to build up trust with it’s costumers, especially on the current way to full autonomy. What should chenge is also the language car is talking to you. Instead of asking,
whether you want to use the ACC, in m proposal,
the car is asking you, if it should drive for you.

Better show than tell

Contextually activated pop–up animations showing assistant features.
Car itself should know, instead of you. Using sensors, GPS and machine learning, car should know when it is convinitent to use for example Adaptive Cruise Control, instead of your necessary knowledge.

Simply Clever UI is divided to three zones. Left one holds Drivers Choice interaction menus, centre dial shows neccesary information for Drivers Focus and the right one features navigation.

Cruise control

Blind assistant 

Parking pilot

Light assist

Front assist