Bachelor thesis: Aesthetic sustainability of car design


         In my bachelor thesis I think about the adequacy of flamboyant shaping of cars in our society, where minimalism is praised and also about the sustainability of it.  Is there a reason, why car design is in such contradiction to the current product design?


Why do cars look like this?

In my thesis I also dig deep into the absence of social responsibility of designers, where cars in the public environment should be considered as a visual smog just as advertisements are.

"the mass production of a same product, in great series by a powerful company for a long period gives him the value of a standard and the public accepts it like criterion of a silhouette and style."

Raymond Loewy

10 principles of Good Design by Dieter Rams
The motivation was to test these principles in car design.

Good design is:

1.     Good design is innovative

2.    Makes a product useful

3.    Is aesthetic

4.    Makes a product understandable

5.    Is unobtrusive

6.    Is honest

7.     Is long-lasting

8.    Is thorough down to the last detail

9.    Is environmentally friendly

10.   Involves as little design as possible

Designing package
Anthropometric design
Designing from inside out

In my work I wanted to present the possible sustainability of car design and open up the discussion. Is car still the status symbol even on such saturated market as it is today?
And should it still be designed as it is?

Experiment of mine was to respect all the principles of design and minimize aesthetization. I developed my proposal with honesty in mind, so every detail is truly functional and considered even with EU regulations and standards.

The goal was to develop a design language that is present, clean and objectively functional.

I intentionaly did not start the design process with sketching, but instead creating as much boundaries as possible. My design was supposed to be very realistic and production ready within next 5 years.

The design became apparent later on its own. 

Every element has a reason and every curve
is there, because it needs to be there.

The theme

The styling shape the product in emotional way, and the form doesn't have any real connection with the structure and the function of the object.
It is a kind of a makeup to make the object pretending it is something else.

The design shape the product in functional and structural way, and the form is in connection with the structure and the function of the object.

Front and rear sections most prone for small mechanical damage.

Small inexpensive piece,
easy to change via clip mechanis.
No more changing huge complex parts just beacuse of minor scratches.

Front bumper
Single plastic part to lower the cost

When unlocked, door handles slides out and lights up for easy navigation to user even at night. While driving, the door handles are hidden from outside dirt and that way participates on efficient aerodynamics. 

The priority of the light bar however is external communication. Respecting the proposed universal standard by Volvo 360c and that way fully ready for autonomous traffic.

Mirroring potentional hazards with bright colours and that way communicating the corelation with others. Showing to pedestrians and other traffic participants, when it's safe for crossing the road.

Thank You for your attention.