Brand design and Smart     Home technology advancement



Back in the 1960s and 1970s, TESLA was one of the biggest producers of televisions, radios, cameras in the world. Nowadays, it is nearly forgotten. Our goal was to rise this brand from the ashes and represent the idea, what the Tesla could be today.  

Tesla commercial from 1985 

Since the old Tesla company specialized in manufacturing almost every electronic device there was, we chose to focus on complex services rather than single product.

Tesla SmartHome is a deeply intergated system benefiting from motion scanners distributed on the ceiling of the household.

Tesla is learning your routines and activities and making your life easier.Control your lights, temperature, play music, movies or even create whole cinema mood combining multiple the features.

Original Tesla sketches (1966) and products

Smart–Home hub with detachable interface

Control Your smarthome via cohesive Tesla OS and make your home extension of your mood.

Enjoy your favorite music and shows from whichever corner of your home.

Be in charge of your energy consumption  and benefit from AI learning algorythms that can run your home more efficiently than ever before.

Design language for Tesla

flowing surfaces with strict function

Design language presented on various future Tesla products

Tesla Hub
is the centre of your smart living. At first glance, emphasizing the original Tesla products with wooden elements. But detachable top wodden interface allows be fliped for touch controls or taken away wherever you need.

Speakers proper wooden speakers, timeless quality with no physical medium. Benefit from the loss    less formats of yout streaming service of choice. 

Tesla Coffeemaker comunicates with your smart    home technologies and learns to make you coffee at the right time, every time.

Smart     Home scanner
brings AI learning into automatization of your home.Scans your home to personalize your user experience and monitors your movement to learn your routines.